Monday, May 05, 2008


What actually entails cheating? For over a week now, I've been--for the lack of suitable term--paranoid. One night I dreamt I caught Al in bed with another woman, the slightest delay in sending me messages would tick me off. I seem to hear more stories of breakups, cheaters and unhappiness in relationships lately.

One of my seniors, who happens to be also in the battle of getting SFO flights every month for her boyfriend, has told me that in this job, the pattern for LDR (long distance relationship) breakups is within the proximity of the second anniversary. If for normal relationships, it's the seven-year itch, it's just a couple of years here. I wondered why.

My opinion is that because the people in LDRs, if given the choice, would always opt for the non-longdistance one. That being said, they're always in the midst of giving up. Letting go after holding on. The strength, the courage and the enthusiasm to hold on depends on how happy the relationship is. But of course as in any relationship, it's not always smiles. So when time comes that a big argument errupts, they call it quits, as if to say it's not worth holding on to if during the only time you get connected (chat/phone/etc) you just fight.

Then there's this story of a friend's friend whose relationship lasted 18 years, before they got married. The woman filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage upon finding out that her husband had been cheating on her for four years already.

A friend in Santee, CA whose boyfriend happens to be with the US Navy had been waiting for her boyfriend for about nine months now. He went away on a mission. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I guess too much absence makes you forget. They've just broken up a few days back, because he slept with another woman.

Yesterday I woke up with a wrenched feeling. I dreamt I was sleeping comfortably snuggled on my boyfriend's bed then I heard someone open the door then I saw Al. I was jolted wide awake realizing that in my dream I slept with another guy.

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