Sunday, August 24, 2008

Classes that make you dumber

My batchmates and I are nearing the end of our second year here at Asiana so we were required to undergo our recurrent training for us to be able to renew our work contract. For two days, we were given lectures, tests and drills. It reminded me again how much [bad] English you could get in Korea. Out of boredom, I wrote some lines that our instructors had said :)

- When you open the [lavatory] door fastly, the fire will get bigger than bigger.

- Touch the door from the upside to the downside.

-The air in the cabin is circulated to the outside by ventilate system.

- At 10,000 feet, all passengers can alive so it's possible to open the door.

- During ditching, the aircraft will slowly down to the water.

- We can experiencing that in the current state.

- But this requires a money.

- Now we back to the first slide. You don't need every things.

- You need to memory the category of aviations.

- When you report, who is investigate this events?

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