Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saving the Earth One Switch at a Time

My hoodie says: Go Green

My confession: I'm an eco-freak. I love the nature and I notice how much green there is in a city. When my dad asked me what Singapore is like, I said, "It's clean and green." Then for a second I thought that was a really funny thing to say. Clean and green. But it's true.

And I try to "save the Earth," seriously. I don't plant trees or anything like that, but my motto is what my post title is: Saving the Earth, one switch at a time. Small things I do on my own. And hopefully if people start doing their little things then it's gonna be big. :) Here are the things I confess that I do (call me freak it's okay):

- I switch off the lights in my hotel room if I'm watching TV or just surfing the net. I don't really need the lights, do I?
- Still fails, but I TRY to use just one towel per stay. I try. Not always successful on this one.
- I hardly watch TV. Yey!
- Because I can't sleep when it's warm, I don't use the heater during winter.
- I open the drapes and use natural a.k.a. sun light during the day.
- I try to remember to unplug my laptop once it's charged and let it discharge and then plug it back in when it's low on battery, rather than having it plugged all the time. Saves my battery too.
- Al and I started using candles at night when we're just watching a movie, instead of the side lamp. Smells good too!
- I don't let my mobile phone plugged in too long after it's charged.
- I bring my own toiletries on layovers. I don't like using hotel amenities and leave them three quarters full; the housekeeper would probably just throw the opened bottles and used soaps away.

There are things though that I'm still guilty about:
- Not turning off the shower while shampooing/soaping. Eh mahirap buksan ulet to the right temperature that I like!
- Full blast aircon. I try to think this is neutralized with not using the heater on winter :)

How do YOU save the Earth?

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