Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finally... "Welcome!"

After so much stress and playing-it-by-ears, finally my parents are here in the States for a visit. It was both their first long haul flight and they were as tired as I was when I got here a week ago. They were lucky enough to have been granted American tourist visas--ten years multiple entries visa--a few days back and were luckier to have gotten on board as chance passengers on the first try.

You would say there's nobody else more thrilled than I am, but you're wrong. Nanay's highschool barkadas here in the States are waaay more excited than I am! They had been wanting Nanay to come to the States for around five or so years now but Nanay never applied for a visa. And now they're here. On free tickets!

They'll be spending a week here in SF and then they're flying to LA to visit some friends and relatives too. Hopefully next year they're going East Coast naman.

Thank you to Ms Jane (and Ms Sweet) who were really nice to my parents during the flight :)

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