Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting on my nerves

It's really been difficult focusing on work lately. I dunno if it's just me or the fuckin' Korean culture is getting on my nerves again. Yesterday I flew and got blamed for something I didn't do, simply because they thought I did it cause none of them Koreans did it... or so they say they didn't.

Today I flew with an amazing set of crew... But the male Korean passengers on my flight were like the least likeable on earth. They treated us like a personal maid or a psychic who'd read their minds once they thought of something. Duh!

On the way back I went with a different team and flew as a passenger. Then I got blamed for whatever mistake that one of the juniors in my set of crew had done earlier. It got the manager upset and the junior on the flight where I was supposedly not even working even had the nerve to scold--no one else but--me. I'm pretty sure that had I been Korean, that junior won't even have the least confidence to tell me of "my" mistake; that of which I didn't even commit in the first place. She just got lucky that I had a good flight before she did that or else I would have retorted angrily with something condescending till she doesn't understand a single English word I'm saying!

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