Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boosting Ego, the F Way

Everyone says men have big egos. It gets bruised easily, and they work all their lives to build it. Little do people know--or maybe most women just don't admit--women do too. Women mask it for 'confidence' at times.

So how do some females boost their, uh, confidence? It's in the number of people that had liked them, took them out on a date, or fell in love with them. No, it's not dependent on how much schooling you've done, nor how successful your career is. It's also not how many cars or properties you own. Because even with all that, if you have no boyfriend or at least you're not dating (or no one is asking you out), people would still think there is something wrong with you.

This is where flirting comes in. Taken in moderate amounts, this dose of ego-trip can boost a woman's ego, and be harmless. If you're lucky then your God-given face is enough to make men line up for you and there'd almost be no question regarding confidence.

However, I have noticed that for ladies with average or below average looks, this can spell disaster. Imagine this, you're a high school nerd or a nobody. Every boy wants to get the cheerleaders' attention, not the one who could pass for a younger version of the school librarian. Fast forward, you get to college, and go wild. You dress seductively, you learn how to put on make up, you start going out to pubs, get drunk, party all night--eventually you meet boys.

It's exciting, it's flattering, and you just can't get enough of the attention. It can be addictive. It's when you don't only want to make people like you, you want them drooling over you, and the worst is when you are so addicted to it that you want those guys to love you--even if you have no intention of reciprocating.

To be honest, I know at least a few. I don't like seeing them posting all those come-hither photos trying to attract people on Facebook; I don't wanna know that they've had sex with x number of guys. I know people change, but I hope not so dramatically. I hope they still know who they are, their values, and that beauty is not measured by how many people adore your photo every time you post one.


Maniniyut said...

agree. that's why I find it harder to meet someone who shares the same values i still keep. real relationships aren't just about sex and flirting.

Niko Batallones said...

This is me hitting "like".

Bad attempt at making a relevant substantial comment...