Thursday, December 01, 2011

My Compromised HSBC Card

Most of the time when you see a bank's name on a post title, it's a hate post. And yes, this is too.

27 October 2011:
I was in our office's Halloween party and I receive an SMS from HSBC asking me to call their hotline for security reasons. I call, and I was told that MasterCard had reported that my card's security may have been compromised. Period. They can't tell me more in detail--as they have none. The solution: Block my card and provide me a new one. It should take five to eight banking days. I think to myself, it's gonna be a long weekend (All Saints Day holiday) and will probably get it after two weeks. Well, it's either that, or someone else uses my card. So what the heck, I give my go signal.

Today, 01 December 2011:
Y'got it. It ain't here yet. That's after over 10 calls to Customer Service, with agents sending a "follow-up" and nobody can tell me why I don't have my new one yet. Nobody can even confirm if they received my last payment (since I pay online and input the card number). Now I'm not sure I want to pay again as it may get lost in transit...

I'm thinking of just closing this account. Anyhow, I have a Citibank Shell. Maybe I'll just get a new one that earns miles or something. There's no use paying annual fees if you can't use your card. It's Christmas--shopping time--and I'm supposed to be earning points on my card for purchases, but no, I'm shopping on cash basis right now.

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