Saturday, December 10, 2011

Party Party?

I used to think that doing nothing but socialize and attend parties is great. But not now that I sort of get a piece of it. December 2011, employed in a group of companies and by the top executive, I am invited (and at times required) to a lot of Christmas Parties. I've just had two weeks of it and I already wanna go back to being invisible.

Dec. 04 - ePerformax Red & Black Ball, SMX Convention Center
Dec.07 - Globe Telecom Appreciation Night, Makati Shangri-La
Dec 09 - TDG Managers Up Christmas Party, Casa Marinero
Dec 11 - NYK Fil-Japan Christmas Party, PICC
Dec. 14 - Air and Travel Division Christmas Party, Casa Marinero
Dec. 15 - TDG Corporate Center Christmas Party

I'm supposed to party tonight, Dec 10, with my Origin team (college barkada) at Republiq bar in Resorts World, but I really can't na. I am swamped! Whew!

Tin and Abet, you're next. 


Maniniyut said...

yes, i am waiting :)

Katia said...

Oops, the list just got longer. I have two more on Dec 14 and 16.

Guess what, I'm one of the MCs for our party on the 15th...BOO!

G said...

wow, that's a lot. so are you a big shot now to get invited to all these? i'm happy for you.

it's gonna be a tiring month. but parties are intended to also be fun. so enjoy your night(s).

Katia said...

Nah. I just happen to be one of the assistants of the biggest boss in our company. If he's invited, so are we. :)