Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My iPhone 4 vs. the BlackBerry from Greenhills

A week into BlackBerry, I finally got my email working. Thanks to our company's Globe account manager who forwarded my concern to the real tech specialists (not the ones you call who only know basic troubleshooting that never work). Spent more than half an hour on the phone with a girl named Joy, who patiently waited with all the reboots and wipeouts my BlackBerry had to endure.

If I am anything, I am a control freak... Or maybe just very particular? I have now spent a total of three hours trying to figure out a 'problem' on my BlackBerry. When I reply, the signature "Sent from my BlackBerry..." appears on the bottom of the entire thread, instead of the bottom of my reply. Three hours into it, I learned that that happens when replying to RTF or pure text format emails. Replying to HTML emails puts my signature right where it's at. Not to be such a big deal for most people, but it's bothering me. I know. I'm. Weird. There seems to be no fix for this. Amazed that RIM has not fixed this yet?

I, in turn, start appreciating my iPhone 4 more. And now allow me to list the pros and cons as of today.

iPhone 4 - from and powered by Globe
Good: Browsing like you're on a PC; Emails can receive subfolders; Pretty interface; Lots of apps!
Dislike: Battery is a wimp, would have loved iMessage but I'd rather save the battery for receiving SMS.

BlackBerry 9700 - from Greenhills, looks like it's originally from Virgin Mobile
Good: BBM! Battery can last two days even with BBM and push emails; Can choose fonts :) and size; Facebook loads faster due to mobile-site-like interface.
Dislike: So many restrictions for BB services; Set up is not user-friendly; Boot up takes minutes; Cannot download sub-folders (and emails that go to them), just the inbox; I can only create one alarm, say 06:30a.m., nothing else.

I'm keeping both for now, but the battery wins. What good is a phone without a reliable battery anyway?


Anonymous said...

yup, iphone battery is a downer. mine is fairly new but still i have to re-charge every 1-1.5days (with minimal gaming else i have to do it more often). that's why there's a proliferation of the mobile battery extenders (as a portable charger or built-in with the case). i wish they were more like my nokia "dumb" phones that could last for more than a week with just a single charge.

Katia said...

True. My E72 lasts about 5 days with normal text and calls. Without a SIM it can last more than two weeks.