Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not a VDay Person

So it's Valentine's Day again. I'm not a fan and do not wish to go out for dinner tonight. But for those who are, good for you and good luck. It always makes me wonder what surprises guys actually do for their ladies annually for this day. Guess I've never met someone who'd really go out of their way, or I overpower them with my "I'm not a Valentine's person" mantra.

How are you spending your 14th?

--Edit: 15 Feb 2012--

I'm not a VDay person but I am amazed by this. This made my Valentine's Day. (And a Happy Birthday card from my boyfriend. Haha!)

Sorry for the grainy photo; that's the best I can do while on red. These heart-shaped red stoplights in The Fort are adorable! I happened to see them on the way home (on 30th Street) passing by 7th Avenue, and again on 9th Avenue. They're still there this morning.

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