Friday, February 10, 2012

Lola Techie Mode

I just figured that I'm a techie person than the average people. The love for gadgets make me think I have "Gear Acquisition Syndrome" or something like it. I have long set up my corporate email on my iPhone and now I did the same for my co-worker, on her iPad. These stuff I really enjoy, making the most out of gadgets and figuring things out on my own (well, almost on my own as I get help from the trusted Google.)

I just got myself a BlackBerry; actually I got both myself and the boyfriend. Since we bought it from Greenhills, we were left to tinker with it on our own, no manuals no nothing. Eventually I got BBM working, social networks too. Yesterday I started receiving emails but I'm upset that I can't send an email from it. Hmmm. Would be refreshing to see "Sent from my BlackBerry wireless handheld" than my usual "Sent from my iPhone" sig.

Anyway, I'm sure Globe will figure things out soon and will help me do more than just pulling the battery out after service book resending--which I have done more than five times already. Anybody on BBM there? It would be very inexpensive if everyone is on BBM, I think. Twas mainly our purpose of buying them in the first place.

Now, after all the BBM and iPhone talk... My question is, how do we reverse lookup landline numbers here in the Philippines? :) I have the phone number which keeps calling me on my mobile, and want to know what company that is. I tried calling, but it's always busy. It's 739-2222. 


Anonymous said...

Iphone with ios5 with imessage wasn't enough? It also means free messaging at the cost of internet surfing

Katia said...

Yes it does, I have iMessage but then again if I leave data on on my iPhone it drains out the battery so fast (like less than a day). BlackBerry, on the other hand, can survive two days even with BBM and emails.

Anonymous said...

baka globe. were you applying for a line or something? :P - tin

Katia said...

Hindi naman, I wasn't applying for anything... Hmmm..