Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to Square One

I was happy. Then I wasn't. This week is just plainly unbelievable. I feel so judged and unaccepted. I do not have issues on acceptance by people who don't matter to me, but for people I love most, it does.

I was watching The Tourist a week or so back, and a line that Angelina Jolie delivers goes something like, "People have two sides. The good side and the bad side. When we love, we need to embrace both." Wording might be wrong, but you get the point.

I'm tired of making people understand who I am. How I am. How I can be. I just want someone who appreciates me for what I am, accepts that I may not be perfect, but is willing to also understand--to some extent--the way I see things. That everyone has his/her own way of seeing things, formulated from experience, and that it can vary from mine. After all, no two experiences are alike. That the actions we do, reactions that come out of our mouths, thoughts we think and theories we believe in can vary.

I'm so broken. I'm back to square one. Not again.

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Anonymous said...

True that people see things differently.

Stay happy Katia. I believe you are strong to overcome whatever comes your way. :) -lyza