Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Hugs

As they say, life is a series of ups and downs. After finding myself on the low side of life lately--and I'm speaking emotionally, psychologically, work-related, and even financially--a series of semi-unfortunate events lead me to where I wanted to be.

This just makes me look back and thank God for all the blessings, as well for the blessings in disguise. He has just made me happier, more relaxed, with a feeling of fulfillment more than ever. I believe in karma, good and bad ones. I feel like a school girl who was just given a brand new pink Barbie stroller and I just can't wait to go to school everyday--whereas the bullies just got detention.

Life's been looking up: I got a raise, a new and exciting role (in addition to what I was) at work, my family's been nothing but closer and more appreciative. And, I just, officially, became a girlfriend. Would love to gush about details here, but let me have it to myself to treasure and remember. It was a public declaration though, but relaying the story just won't give justice to it.

So cheers to having ups and downs, to new challenges, and for keeping people close to your heart. Happy holidays! Here's a Christmas hug from me to you!

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