Friday, December 21, 2012

My Series 5 Work Laptop

My friends would always say, I must have been male in my past life. This is because I normally am not excited about glamming up, or shopping for clothes and make up. Gadgets and cars get me sooo hyped up like a typical guy. 

Just recently, I sought permission from my boss to request for a laptop, since I am doing double duty, and could be out of office (or out of town, sometimes) for meetings and what-nots. Being the generous and I-am-techie one, he personally called the president of our IT company and made his recommendation. I was just looking for something with nice keyboards and not so heavy like my last HP laptop

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook
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Well, my boss never settles for anything less. He ordered a Samsung Series 5 13.3" for me! I felt like a kid who'd want to jump up and down while our IT people were setting it up. It's so thin, I like the keyboard and it's just right for my aesthetic taste! My MacBook Pro craving vanished in an instant!

It was also upgraded to Windows 8. Quite frankly, it [the interface] looks nice, but I'm kinda getting lost. Well I'm sure it takes time. I kinda miss the Aero-theme-ness of Vista/Windows 7 though. The windows on the 8 aren't translucent--or am I just not figuring it out right? Anyhow,  that doesn't matter much anyway, I like sleekness and boxiness of everything on Windows 8 (I'm a sucker for clean lines).

However, I noticed that after upgrading to Windows 8, my touchpad no longer scrolls (using two fingers). I wonder who's solved this yet? I was trying to Google this and a lot of Windows 8 users are saying the same thing; can't even find a Control Panel option for it.

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