Friday, May 30, 2008

My Baby

I was back in SF after six weeks of waiting. Can't imagine how much I missed my Al. Ayun lang. I brought him some stuff I bought from Baguio, London, Manila and Sydney for him. Geez how many flights was it before I went back? And next month I don't even have an SF flight! Ohwell that's how it goes...

For other news, I got a new baby :) If last year it was D (my Nikon D40) and then a few months back it was Polly (my Nintendo DS Lite), now it's Tabby--my HP tx2000 series tablet laptop! I had been saving up for this baby for quite sometime now, and it was in and out of the market with its price going up and down. As soon as we got to SF, we headed to the only Circuit City store in a 30-mile radius where it was still available. And this is the last one in stock! Hahaha. Almost didn't make it!

We went in to the store, told the guy the model we're looking for, he says, "Yeah we have one." I go the counter, pay it and then leave. Yeah.

Anyway, SF layover was all about money this month. After paying a thousand or so for my laptop it was time to make tipid moves. Haha. I've sworn off being a nonchalant spender and keep in mind what my dad told me a few weeks back, "The problem that I see with you is that when you have excess money, you think of what you could purchase even if you don't need it; but when in fact you just have enough, you think of what you need and then you save for it." I'm quite guilty about this, especially this birthday month that I was home, I think I spent a month's pay in half a month.

So, enough window shopping for me. Will try to think of what I need instead of "browsing for what I need". Wish me luck!

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