Thursday, September 29, 2005

I was bloghoppin' today, something I haven't done for months. You must realize how bored I am, that's why I'm reading other people's opinions and experiences. Well I came across this one blogger, who's so emotional with the posts, it almost made me cry. Like if only there's such thing as e-hugs, I'll probably be sending him [yea, it's a guy] lots of 'em. Too bad my comments aren't welcome on his page since I ain't a member of his blog provider. If only I could befriend him, I would.

Since I'm on the blog topic... Is it just me who gets bothered by the frequent Friendster reminder that "[name of friend] update his/her Friendster blog". I chose to activate the email notifier of Friendster so that I wouldn't have to check my account everytime just to see if anybody added me or if I have a new testimonial or whatever. Then they'll go flooding the inbox to say so and so updated the blog. I think blogs are supposed to be visited by people at their own free time, and not a 'must' everytime your friend updates it. I don't know. Maybe I just am bored and there's nothing to think of. *Weird*

*sheesh* How weird could I possibly be? *eyes roll*

+ + +

There's a stupid gossip going around. Allegedly, a group of people saw me and my whole family at Video City, including my pregnant sister. Also, according to the source, they were telling everyone about how big my sister's belly is already (uh, she's five months in the making). Ridiculous! My sister has been in Baguio [that's like three hundred kilometers away] for three months now! (She may have been two months pregnant then but it's not even noticeable.) I haven't even seen my sister with a bulging belly. Nor does she have pictures posted wherein she's uber-pregnant. Oh geez, talk about people na walang magawa sa buhay. Ha ha...

+ + +

I think I'm getting too old for fairy tales. I've lost the childish side of me which always hopes for a happily-ever-after life [or lovelife]. Though it's a good thing that I'm more of a realistic thinker than idealistic, it doesn't seem too nice at all... I'm always seeing the possible outcomes of a certain action--the positive and the negative side. And when I visualize the negative side, sometimes I just don't go for it; unlike before, though there's a possible negative outcome, I go with the come-what-may attitude. What's happening to me? Slowly my life's becoming a drab.

Earth calling Katia! I know I can't possibly stay too long with this kind of attitude, or else I'll go nowhere. Am I too old for my age? My dad thinks so. That's why he says my interest drifts from one person to another so fast, coz nobody seems to be of the same level of interest, thoughts and whatever. I agree to that theory--partly. Sometimes the conversations are so mababaw, getting me bored to death. Ironically, out of boredom I continue with the conversation. I mean, I'm mababaw when it comes to jokes and all, but to reach a certain level of intimacy/togetherness--for me--needs (and stems from) good conversations.

At times I wonder, there are lots of guys around [me], no good conversations at all? I mean, what do you do with a hottie who does nothing else but to be pacute and pasweet; or a pseudo partner with whom you realize that you're just not on the same wavelength; how about the cutie who falls in love at first sight; or a desperate old pal? Duh. Then my brother interjects: maybe you haven't really just been 'out there' at all to be able to meet 'the guys'. Is it me? Or is it them? Or I'm just not meant to have it right now?

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