Friday, May 12, 2006

Talk is cheap

I found myself crying while tuned to Oprah one day, the episode about NFL star Laveranues Coles on him being a victim of molestation as a child or "rape" as Ms Winfrey puts it. The episode had an air of tension and full of emotions. What a brave person.

* * *

On talk shows, I think Tyra Banks is tryin' to be the next Ms O by doing her own Tyra show. Well, she needs a lot of schooling to do. I've watched the show so many times and in most cases it's all makeovers, anorexia problems or whatever I'm-not-beautiful problems. And trying to keep up with the rich Ms Winfrey, she almost always gives the audience whatever she can. I hope she'd stop saying, "You are beautiful," or "That is so brave of you," to her guests. Although it does make the person feel better, saying it on almost all the episodes makes me feel like it's so fake.

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