Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From Earth to hell to Earth

So Niko actually snatched the messy hair photo? Sheesh. Anyway it's been a week of nothing but going online and submitting copies of my CV and receiving calls from the Martians from somewhere for an interview, blah blah blah.

Like today, I went to two interviews. One was for IHRS, somewhere Taft. After an hour I left the place, not completing the whole process. Omg, they're crap. They're supposedly a finishing school with employment assistance but I saw their ad on Jobstreet yata yun so I thought maybe they're sort of head hunters as well. When I got there, I asked immediately if they're looking for people whom they would train (for a fee!) and then they'd refer you to the companies or if they're really just screening people to refer to those companies. (Did you get that right?) The receptionist advised me to direct my question to my interviewer, then the first interviewer said the same thing, and the second interviewer said the same thing. I was a bit certain at that point that it's mandatory to have them train you. Why? Well why on earth would they be avoiding that question from step 1? And my fellow applicants were wondering of the same thing. Gad. Not to mention their unprofessionalism towards interview schedule and the unpro office, and using Chikka to contact the applicants? Give me a break!

I left and boarded the super stuffed LRT and MRT to go to Ortigas and proceed to ProSearch, along Garnet road. From hell I went back to planet Earth. Thank heavens. Their office was professional enough, as were the people. I hope they'd find me a good job. If not, they were smooth talkers. Hehehe.

The little girl (Yana) is so amiable these days. She coos and makes those sounds as if she understands what you're saying, and as if trying to communicate with you. Thing is, if you leave her on the crib, she's most likely to speak out (er, make a sound) telling you, "Hey, come back or I'll start crying!" Haha. Cute.

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