Thursday, January 18, 2007

..I felt like shopping.

Despite a negative one weather in Seoul, I went out early morning and went to Express Bus Terminal to shop. I had exchanged a hundred USDs to local currency and before I knew it, I only have a few bills left.

Thinking about it, I can't even remember all the things I bought, so maybe I should do a breakdown. Geez. (Guide: USD 1 = KRW 895)

A pair of boots: 15,000
A pair of drop earrings: 3,000
Necklace with cat pendant (for my sister): 3,000
Thermal tights: 5,000
White sweatshirt: 5,000
Glitter nail polish: 2,000
Stuff from The Face Shop: 6,800
Shorts: 5,000
Knee-length undertights: 5,000
Bronze belt: 4,900
KFC brunch: 4,500
Asiana airplane stuffed toy for Yana's birthday: 28,000

Grabe ang dame. Okane nai! And later I'll buy two Starbucks city mugs pa. And when I go home I still intend to shop at Divi. Ano bang nangyayari saken?!

Oh and to all those people who are shopping at Face Shop in the Philippines, I can't take it. Kasi in the Philippines it's double the original price =( sakin nalang kayo pabili, wawa naman kasi.

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