Friday, January 05, 2007

Years back, I said--

A few nights ago I still had jetlag from flying from London so I got so bored and tinkered with my blog. I realized that it's been two years since I had this space in the world wide web. I previously had another blog until it got hacked and all...

It's fun reading posts years back.

"I came home yesterday and said to my mom, "Ang inet dito sa Pilipinas, di katulad sa Australia!" He-He... No, I haven't been to Australia, but technically when you're inside their embassy, it's technically another country right?..." more...
Hmm. Now I've really been to Aus.
"...Anyway, this isn't all bad. Coz my family's half rejoicing for the news that soon a cute li'l baby will be an addition to the family, and my parents are soon to be grandparents. No one knows yet if it's gonna be a he or she, but just the same, this li'l angel will be very much welcomed by this family..." more...

And this month this baby's gonna turn 1! Wow. How time flies.

This one's good, I still like this post until now. *grin
"...I just figured out lately that I really have lots of things that I want to be or have. I want to be a president's daughter, a print ad model, a rockstar, a violinist, a good singer and a photographer. I want to take voice lessons, two foreign language courses, personality development trainings, and photography classes..."

I figured this out August 2005... I still want to be all of the above :)

*sigh* I figured I was much more carefree years back. Not to mention having a lot going on (like, falling in and out haha).

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