Thursday, June 28, 2007

North East West South

Did you know that Tony Blair resigned from his Prime Minister post yesterday?

You might be raising an eyebrow and saying, "So?" right now. Haha. It's really none of my business as I don't even live in the UK. Haha.

I dunno. I just am not a current events person. I hardly read the newspaper, nor watch the news. I just used to love Sunday papers as they come with full-color comics. Hehe. Unlike my paternal grandmom who could read the broadsheets cover to cover (excluding classifieds, but including obituaries), I used to question dad why we need to read the newspaper. We used to have newspaper delivered at home every single day by the newspaper guy who we got to call Pipoy.

(Side story: When I was really young, I would always go out to meet the newspaper guy and say, "I-star po at Pipoy daw," following the orders of my dad to get a broadsheet--Philippine Star--and a tab--People's Journal. I'd always get "People" word wrong so that's how the poor newspaper guy ended with a new nick.)

When there's something I hate doing, I always bombard my dad with my why questions. "Why do I need to study history? Past is past." And when I was neither young nor adult, dad once told me to wear light makeup on Christmas eve mass. Not being the makeup type of girl, I asked, "Why do I need to wear makeup? It's icky. I'm fine the way I am." Dad said big girls wear makeup. Dad said adults read newspapers.

Then I'd rather not be an adult. I wanna wait for the Sunday papers and read Sunday comics. I want to be unaffected by the dollar-peso exchange rate. I want to not remember who first discovered was, I'm just glad it was discovered.

So Mr. Blair, I accidentally knew about your resignation from listening to the radio. And while flipping through channels in the Korean-dominated TV here in my hotel room.

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