Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Job Ops

For those who want to be flight attendants, I received these emails from my friends.

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All applicants must secure the Emirates 7-digit online reference number (ORN) through

The ORN must be submitted to ipams upon personal application, together with the resume, educational and employment credentials, and two 2x2 photographs before 30th June 2007.

Alternatively, candidates from remote areas can also log on to and input their ORN in the application form.

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Japan Airlines' JALways

Manila based, the flight attendants will fly Manila-Narita routes for a period of time (six months to a year). They have just recruited their first batch of Manila Cabin Attendants so there's still no telling as to where they're going to fly after that. Training includes Nihongo in Manila, Service in Bangkok and Safety in Japan.

To apply, send your resume with whole body picture and2x2 id pic to

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The Emirates thing was from a newspaper ata or from the website. I don't exactly know. The JALways thing, from my college friend who's now working for them, a member of the first batch of Philippine crew.

So for the girls out there who want to have this job, send in your resumes ASAP and invest on the photos you will send. Good luck!

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