Saturday, June 16, 2007

My masterpiece

Yana, on our way to Makati to hang out--day before lolo died. She was wearing this cute yellow jumpers and was sitting on top of our dining table, in front of the sliding door enjoying the afternoon breeze (it was darn too hot in Manila!). This is by far her best photo. I had it printed out already and mommy can't just help but adore her cutie baby! :)

I had already asked dad which wall I could use to hang frames of my favorite photos. Wee. Can't wait. And I'm seriously trying hard to get better at my people shots; ang hirap!

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Plug: Bec's Victoria's Little Secret blog.

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Current favorites on my playlist:
+ Undiscovered - James Morrison
+ Tulak ng Bibig - Julianne
+ Home - Daughtry
+ Unbelievable - Craig David
+ Cupids Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
+ 4 in the Morning - Gwen Stefani
+ Lips of an Angel - Hinder

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