Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8 Random things

Wee! Makeover. Of my blog template, that is. (For those reading this through a cross-posted entry, click here for the original site of my blog.)

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I've been tagged by both Abigail and David on the exact same thing! :) So let's see, what are eight things I could tell you about myself?

1. Depending on my mood, I can wear the sexiest heels/shorts or the baggiest shirt.

2. I learned survival swimming from my dad: he used to throw us into 8-feet (or was it 10-feet?) deep water at Edsa Shang when we were younger. I was hardly 4 feet then!

3. I have a lisp.

4. My favorite flowers are pink stargazers.

5. I once fell face down at a cheering practice, while we were attempting a pyramid. (This was like, fourth year highschool!) I looked like I just got off a boxing match and I was absent from school for like a week. I had to suffer (aside from a plastic surgery-worthy face) from damaged tear ducts for the entire recovery period. The tears were activated by heat that if I'm not in an airconditioned room, my eyes would well up unconsciously.

6. I'm a very patient person...as long as I know how long to wait up. Tell me to wait five hours and I wouldn't mind. But tell me to wait for ten minutes and be back after 45, then you'd see me rolling my eyes.

7. Never have I smoked and I have stopped drinking [alcoholic beverages].

8. It took me 30minutes to write this eighth item. I can't think of anything else to say.

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