Monday, July 02, 2007

Delhi and English

I sent this email content to mom and dad yesterday after arriving from Delhi.

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After arriving at Delhi, we checked in at The Grand New Delhi for the layover. It used to be that the internet is free of charge but for some reason they started charging. For—ulp—about twenty US dollars for the whole day; but Ms Beige, being a part of Delhi “Dream Team” gave me a tip that it just needs a little, ahem, push for the people to give you a username and password you can use to get a free internet access. I tried, but my charm seems not powerful. I was talking to the front desk officer about it and then the concierge came by and then he murmured something about the username and password of the crew lounge and then said something in Indian… Then the FO said to me that using the crew lounge won’t require a password. So I stood there looking heartbroken that I can’t use my laptop inside my room… But don’t be fooled! I got every detail of the username and password that the concierge murmured! Hahahaha! He must've thought I'm one of those Koreans who could hardly understand them.

What you'd hate about Delhi flight is that the Delhi passengers, especially Indians, really keep asking for everything. But what I love about Delhi flight is that I can bitch around and be sarcastic and/or witty if need be. Maybe coz they understand English. =) They know that the Koreans’ weakness is the English so sometimes they that advantage to complain, demand and request. Not with me though. Haha. Samples:

- A passenger asked for sugar. So I got one. The moment I gave him the packet of sugar, his seatmate asked for the same thing. I said, “You could ask for what you want all at the same time, y’know, to save my time going back and forth.”

- My senior called me from the galley to talk to a passenger (coz she definitely
can’t understand a thing). It appeared that the Indian passenger was asking why
we’re still using VHS tapes for the movies, briefing videos, etc. (“DVD! DVD!”
Instantly came to my mind! Haha) Transcript:
Indian: Why are you guys still using those tapes, not VCDs nor DVDs?
Me: Why, sir? Do you want to replace them? (Add a sheepish smile here.)
Indian: (obviously a little embarrassed) Well, no. Just asking. (His sheepish smile here)
Me: Because, uhm, most of the videos we need are still in VHS.
Indian: But…
Me: (sensing he’d go for the oh-so-this-airline-is-low-tech, my mind hurriedly thought of anything sensible) And sir, you know how it becomes turbulent in a flight sometimes, right? Then if we use CDs, you know how sensitive those are, right? If we’re using DVDs then you’d skip two chapters every air packet. (My oh-my-gosh-I’m-brilliant smile here)
Indian: Ooooh.
These “hirits” and much more. Like, “Sir, I can’t understand you, I swear.” And they don’t get offended by it coz they actually know that their accent is kinda difficult to understand. One even said, “we’re really difficult, huh?” To which I said, “Oh, you can’t imagine!”

I look Indian. They smile when I smile. ‘Nuff said.

They get what I mean with a few words, some tone and whole lotsa facial/eye expression.
I can be sweet and authoritative at the same time. I said to one passenger, (in a sweet tone) “Sir, I may not be able to give you another glass of your whisky-soda drink, alright? You’ve had three already.” I haven’t finished the sentence yet but he’s all nods already. How cool is that?

They only believe me (among all crew). Coz I understand what they mean. So I’m indispensable on that Delhi flight. HA-HA.

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