Sunday, July 08, 2007

Twisted flight

It's got to be my worst flight.

Inbound, New York to Seoul. Full flight. Boeing 747 Combi.

+ Thirty minutes prior showup at the New Jersey hotel we were staying at, the fire alarm goes off. Half made up, we had to evacuate the hotel! My thought then was what to bring. I know that in cases of emergency, you're not supposed to think of that, but I thought, If this is a really big fire, then my things I'd leave behind would get burned. But, the flight will not get cancelled. (Especially if we all survive) So I had to bring work essentials. And my passport. After prolly half an hour we were allowed to go back. The delay it caused!

+ Before a flight, it's mandatory that flight attendants check all emergency equipment and safety conditions of the parts of the the cabin. Afterwhich, you'll start working on your ground [flight] preparations. Half way through ground prep, the manager calls my attention, with her hands on her hips. She had a complain with my pre-flight safety check, "Katrina, why you did not check Lavatory (toilet) 4?" To which I said, "I reported a faulty sink, Manager-nim." A few more broken English sentences later, it appeared she was referring to the fact that there is no soap in the dispenser. Like, right. It's a safety check. Like, we're gonna die if there's no soap?

+ A few minutes after takeoff, a plywood-size chunk of the ceiling falls off somewhere near the rear part of the cabin. WHAAAT?! So it's now like part your house's ceiling falls off and now you can see the roof. Embarrassing is an understatement. It's creepy too. Like anytime the aircraft would disintegrate. And we're flying trans Atlantic. Good thing it fell on the aisle, nobody was hurt. This is why we hate flying our 747s. They're so bulok. I heard the 747s are second hand. Unlike the other aircrafts that we have. They should just sell 'em and get more 777s.

+ The Chinese passengers in my zone are asking for every item imaginable. And the adults say it like, "Give me tea." I know it just sounds rude because of limited English knowledge, but hey, they stayed in the US with rude English? C'mon! So I talk more to the kids than their moms. Coz the kids now how to say please.

+ I had to clean up someone's vomit. Eww. No, it's not a common thing. Because usually, people throw up in the toilets, or, in the puke bags, not on their tray table.

+ We had a male crew with us, who's unbelievably flirty. I'm grossed out. I actually said, "Sunbaenim, what is wrong with you?" In a sarcastic tone, with a disgusted face.

+ I was going to serve drinks (glasses of drinks on a tray); as I was going out of the galley and parting the curtains, someone from outside didn't notice someone coming out behind the curtains and bumped into the tray... A glass full of orange juice spills on my left sleeve, apron, skirt. I served the second meal with a wet left sleeve. How cool is that?

+ Disoriented and starting to feel like it's one of the worst flights ever, I spilled very hot water all over my left thumb. My face turned red as I can't actually scream in pain. I just bit my lip until I was able to find the burn ointment.

+ Somewhere at the rear part of the aircraft, a Chinese passenger who's irritated about the ceiling that fell off, got aggravated when the male crew accidentally spilled drinks over his shirt and book. In dismay, the passenger said he'll file a complaint and started taking photos of the ceiling. (Oh, I forgot, there's no ceiling!) Pissed off, the crew reported it to the cabin manager. To cut to the chase, my weirdo manager managed to get a cockpit manual that indicates that nobody is allowed to take photos of aircraft parts, so she confronted the passenger. What?! Just so she could evade a complaint? The victim is now the suspect as a threat to safety? That's hella stupid! I know for a fact that had it been a Korean passenger, she would be kissing his shoes by now. And later on, she's telling all the other crew that he might be mentally disturbed? @#$%! Effin' culture! The passenger was one of the most civilized victims I've ever met. He's not mad at all of us because it's not like we all spilled drinks on him; he's not shouting; he's not making a scene. Everyone's got the right to complain, and I would not be surprised if someone complains about the ceiling. Even I myself, I want to complain about it. Are the Korean crew just as heartless when it comes to passengers of other nationalities? You could just imagine how they treat us [overseas crew].

+ No, that isn't the finale yet. We run out of cabin water. Like there's no water from the faucet.

+ Twisted. It's how I describe their culture in the company. One of my Korean seniors managed to get two compliment cards. How? She filled two plastic bags with Lay's, fruits and pretzels. Gad! How could she feel good that she received compliments if it was paid for in the first place?

Sigh. I can't wait to go home. Get me back to a place where people aren't senseless, inhumane and stupid.

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