Monday, July 23, 2007

Physically sick...not.

Psychologically or emotionally, maybe. I've called in sick for two days now. I was supposed to fly HK yesterday but I didn't.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't think it's plain laziness though. I can't enjoy eating when it's lunch/dinner time, but I eat a lot towards midnight (and past it). My sleeping pattern is unbelievable. Like last night, (well, technically morning) I slept at around 2am coz I can't sleep earlier, and by 5:30am I was already up and having coffee coz I've been turning and turning in bed that I fear I might wake Mica up--who's sleeping beside me for the night.

My being "not in the mood" to fly yesterday? I have found an explanation. Maybe coz I didn't have that transition time I usually have the day before I leave Manila. I've mentioned before it's like I fall silent 24hours before I leave Manila, to let the thought of going back to Seoul sink in. Well I left Manila on the 20th; and on the 19th I wasn't silent at all--I was celebrating my bro's birthday.

But today's insomnia attacks? I can't explain. It can't be jetlag coz I haven't flown more than one timezone for almost two weeks now. Nor can it be the sleeping pill effect/dependency coz I have not taken a single one in weeks.

@#$%! Gusto ko na iuntog yung ulo ko para makatulog na lang ako and/or to get me back to my old self. Ano kaya problema ko?

You know something's really wrong when you have: one to talk to or chat with but you're still up.
...checked your all your email accounts for more than ten times.
...finished a book in 24hours.
...eaten practically everything in your fridge.
...noticed that all are asleep; or they're waking up and you're still awake.
...done everything you could think of: laundry, nails, etc.
...been listening to Kamikazee coz you've listened to all the mellow songs you have. more than two chapters of D's manual but you're still wide awake.

Today I'm going to our Medical Center at Asiana Town as I'm required to do so for calling in sick on a weekday (kung kelan bukas ang Medical Center), but what will I say? That I don't feel like flying? Or I can't sleep? (Hmm, pwede, pwede..) Last night I planned to take the 2pm bus to the office today so as to give me enough sleep but since I'm wide awake now, I guess I'm going with the 9-ish morning shuttle.

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