Thursday, November 22, 2007

Five-Eight Girls in SF

Had my requested flight with Mica to San Francisco. Flight was ultimately T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. It was one of my worst SFO flights ever. It was Delhi-connecting from Seoul to SanFo so my zone was like almost all Indians and with the limited English that my fellow [Korean] crew members have, they turn to me almost always when some conflict happens.

Anyway we arrived at the hotel and got picked up by aL and Mama; they haven't had lunch yet so off we go to Fisherman's Wharf to have late lunch. Clam chowders, calamari, fish and chips! Then roam around Pier 39 (and there was this huge Christmas tree...), rang Bianca to see how she's doin while we went to almost every souvenir shop to find Mica the keychain she wanted. I was taking pictures of Mica with the Alcatraz as a backdrop when I saw the Golden Gate bridge engulfed in fog. I said to myself, "Remind me again why I haven't bought the lens I wanted?"

Mica wanting to swim to the Alcatraz to find Wentworth.

Golden Gate Bridge somewhere within the fog.

One of the things you'd love around there would be shopping at cheap stores like Ross. So before the shop even closed, we headed and dropped Mica and Mama at Ross while Al and I parked the car below Union Square.

And then there's this huge Christmas tree...okay so I have a thing for Christmas trees. :)

The girl who always leaves her heart in San Francisco.

Next day, despite the fact I can't get myself to open my eyes, we woke up, prepared breakfast and went to Fairfield for... *drum roll*

JELLY BELLY FACTORY! I knew the Jelly Belly factory because of Abet and so with a little more research (which is Googled) and a little help from the GPS, we found it. Felt like a kid. Super happy. Bought two pounds of jelly beans too. =) Then we had lunch at Applebee's and Mica shopped at TJ Maxx. Headed home to get our things from the aL's place and headed to the hotel after stopping by to get a dozen Krispy Kremes and some night shots of the SF skyline and Golden Gate. :)

The skyline. Thank God for D and a tripod. :)

Golden Gate. Smile. Ten seconds shutter speed.

Bottom line is, I enjoyed my time touring Mica around. I'm glad she's comfy with aL too, being the shy person she is. They laughed together more than I did, I think. I'm amazed they're on the "comfort level" as I tell them. Request pa ulit!

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