Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SFo Back to Back

I flew SFO again after that day off after SFO flight.

It was day after Thanksgiving when I got there so I planned on going shopping after arrival and take advantage of the huge sales. When I stepped out to go to Union Square, I was overwhelmed with the volume of people who are there. Everyone was carrying shopping bags from almost every store, most prominently Macy's. Nalula ako sa dami ng tao and ended up heading back to the hotel after getting a scarf from H&M and a big hardbound book from Borders (National Geographic Greatest Photographs).

Then aL picked me up after his work shift and we had dinner with his parents at a Chinese restaurant. He was supposed to leave me at home afterwards while he went to church band practice but he suggested I go so that we could get coffee afterwards.

Next day we went to church where aL played drums for the band. Had brunch there afterwards. Then to a nearby CostCo--an ultimately good place to shop! Argh! I could spend a hundred dollars and not feel like I spent too much; it's Makro-ish. Head home and later that night had dinner with his Emoticons bandmates (after their Fil-Amusic launch party gig practice got cancelled) at a pizza place in Tanforan.

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