Sunday, November 11, 2007

Silver Day

November 10, 2007

8:00 am Nuptials at
Saint Anthony Parish (Singalong, Manila)

Breakfast buffet at
Cafe Noir at G Hotel by Waterfront (Roxas Blvd., Manila)


The bride and the groom, before the wedding. I did mom's makeup and I said dad looked like a priest!

The flower girl--Yana. Tatay says this is the photo of the event. I was telling her to walk down the aisle before the wedding so that I can get a photo, but she dropped her flowers and walked away. Here she is picking up her flowers again as per her tito Andre's orders.

The happy couple after the reception. Had them pose in front of the curtain to get a "studio shot". Haha. They were off the next day to Dumaguete and Davao for their honeymoon.

My family. All tired after the reception; we woke up soo early. We wore whatever we wanted, as long as there's a touch of silver on our clothes. Only the bride, the groom and the ever special flower girl wore white. :)

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