Saturday, May 10, 2008

24 Hours of Turning 22

00:41 ~ On my way home from Clark airport, I switched my phone on and messages started coming in. Unsurprisingly, my best friend Jhen's was the first to come.

01:25 ~ I called dad to tell him I'm on my way home and he told me he isn't home: he's at Makati Medical Center where my mom is confined for the second night already. Late news! Mom didn't want me to worry so they didn't tell me; I asked the driver to drop me off at Makati Med instead.

01:58 ~ Woke Nanay up and got settled into a sofa. Dozed off.

06:30 ~ My eyemask gets pulled off and it's kuya waking up the birthday girl!

07:30 ~ Off to the hospital's chapel to hear mass.

08:10 ~ Walked my way to Asiana's office at HV Dela Costa street. Passed by Maxicare office to get referral letters. (I have decided that since every birthday marks another year of life, I will make it a point to get an annual physical/dental checkup every birthday. And since my mom is in the hospital, where better to get the checkups done?)

09:26 ~ Waiting outside a gynecologist's office. I'm fidgeting, it's my first time to do a gynecological checkup.

11:15 ~ Out carrying specimen and lots of doctor's papers, headed to the lab to get three tests done (the other three will be done the next day). Mom was settling her bills too, got released :)

13:35 ~ Strolling by Greenbelt 5, chose Chateau 1771 for my birthday lunch. The waitress overheard me talking about birthday plans and pulled of a Happy Birthday surprise together with other crew and with a signature 1771 coffee cake :) I so love surprises!

15:15 ~ Gave in to Nanay's request of desserts at Damaso.

16:00 ~ On our way to Manila to meet with kuya and the rest of the family.

16:48 ~ Arrived at Robinson's Midtown, Nanay and I went in to Dashing Diva at Beauty Bar to get our nails done. :) Mommy bonding! She's turning 50 in a week so she does deserve pampering.

19:00 ~ Kuya's finally off work so we start heading for a Korean resto at Jupiter Street but heavy rains flood the roads to our destination so we retreat and tried to find one in Malate.

20:18 ~ Finally found a good Korean resto at Malvar Street called Hwaro 92 :)

21:55 ~ All to Diamond Hotel for desserts and coffee. Another birthday surprise by the crew! Two more candles blown :)

23:39 ~ At home, finally.

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