Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lips of an Angel

That song, by Hinder, makes me shiver every time I hear it.

I gotta whisper coz I can't be too loud
My girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish it was you...

Fuckin' cheaters. I so hate cheaters, and just the thought that they're out there lurking plus the fact that anybody could actually become one pisses me off. As if cheating can't get any worse, it actually does. The worse part is when the person is married.

But girl you make it hard to be faithful...

If you can't be faithful with the one you're with right now, then leave him/her and go with the other one. There's no sense in being together when you aren't really in it. You have the guts, because you have the guts to go behind his/her back so use the guts and go head-on with your problem and tell your partner outright that you wanna see somebody else.

No I don't think she has a clue...

Knowing people cheat, that married people cheat, that some married people who you never expected could cheat are cheating makes me wanna throw up; kinda lost my faith on marriage for the meantime.

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