Friday, June 20, 2008

Bits and Bytes

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and offered prayers for me regarding my last post. Anyway, as usual I'm trying to make the most out of everything and now I'm making PLEVA an excuse to wear those bikini tops (ahehehe Hun, peace!) and get a tan. Maybe I do need to be tanner. I used to be. Then winter came and US flights too... Hmm gotta be more conscious about that from now on.

I've started my six week work period about a week ago so I'm down to five. What is it exactly? Well I had my June days off starting on June 1 and won't be home til last week of July--that's what we call "back-to-back" work (there's also back-to-back day off which is you go home last week of a month and it continues to first of the next)--and that means six weeks of no Manila. Could've been waay too hard for me but I was blessed to soon be able to feel a sense of home as I'm gonna see Al three times before the six weeks end.

On other news, I've been studying Manhattan subway system and I really found it hard at first and then I dug deeper into research and it's not so bad at all. Though it might not be a no-brainer as the LRTs we use in the Philippines or the Metro Seoul in Korea, but a subway map and common sense would be all you need. Hah! Let's see where it's gonna take me on my next layover--New York!

On yet another news, I absolutely hate Vista now. I'm thinking about going back to XP. Any thoughts on that? I'm just adamant that I'm gonna put that genuine Vista to waste.

Oops my time's almost up I'm here at Shangri-La New Delhi, and it's awesome. It's not all the time we get to stay at real five-star hotels. Hmmm. Wonder where we're gonna have dinner now... Til next post you guys! Will visit blogs when I get back to Seoul.

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