Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Humps on my Vacay

I had been planning to go on a vacation on the last week of July connecting to the first week of August for so long. Planned to use our free tickets and tour my parents 'round Los Angeles and San Francisco (West Coast) but it seems it's getting difficult for us to do so.

First, I should request for a last-week-of-July days off in Manila and then do another request for the first week of August. The July ones got granted and then I heard that some pages of the request for August got lost... Nice. :(

Then as for my parents, I've been telling them to apply for a U.S. visa ever since the time I thought of this but they just prepared their stuff a couple of months back, and then a few days ago I learned they still haven't scheduled themselves for an interview so I pushed my mom to do it already... And I was right, there weren't any more slots for interview for June and July before our preferred departure! They got scheduled for July 28th.

Looks like I'm gonna go alone or something... Hmm. I'll have to wait for August schedule to come out and then I'll decide.

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