Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lovin' Tabby!

My HP tx2000 series baby--Tabby--is a week old now :) I'm still figuring some things out but anyhow, I'm satisfied and I am actually browsing for a protector for its screen. I saw this website from a review and I'm thinking of getting it.. The price isn't so bad at all, compared to the price of those I saw on eBay and stuff.

I've been to two different locations today and spent ample time surfing the net thru Wifi for free and I'm happy about that! I'm definitely on the hunt for free wifi hotspots now. Hahaha. Cheapskate! Battery life, I have no idea whether to be impressed or not as my old laptop was always connected to power supply, hahaha.

Vista... Hmm it's my first time to use Vista and I'm lost! Seriously. Hahaha. I miss the desktop gadgets that I used to have on my older laptop as the World Time gadget available for Vista isn't as lovely. The notes too; I can't pull it and make it longer so I have to scroll downwards to see all my notes. I do like the calendar reminders though, more efficient than before. The Start menu feels like a mess and I'm still on the quest on clearing as much system tray icons as possible. My desktop is already neat except for the Recycle Bin (as always) and the desktop gadgets.

Yahoo Messenger for Vista, currently on its Beta version, is a no-go. I just have it coz I like how it looks. But feature-wise, it isn't so wise to use it now. Go back to the older YM version.

I still don't have a full-version of an anti-virus, I just have the pre-installed trial version of Norton. I'm also still running on trial MS Office version. I haven't bought any Adobe Photoshop
software yet...and I'm itching to. :)

That's it for now folks!!!

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