Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogger App

I remember a few months back l was looking for the perfect iPhone app for blogging. Simply because Blogger hasn't released any yet, and the third party apps were bleh. I sold my laptop mid year so I really depend on my phone for my online needs.

Thanks to Google, I learned today that they've release the official app September this year. I'm blogging from it right now and will check tomorrow when I get to the office how the posts are. Oh and I'm supposed to be able to add photos too. Let's try that one out... [takes a photo of my migraine meds]

Hmm. I can't seem to choose where to position my newly snapped photo.

Now let's try using something from my camera roll... [uploads photo collage from Peri-Peri]

Same problem. I'll have to see how this ends up tomorrow. I have no idea where my photos are gonna be.

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Katia said...

MMM OK. That ain't cool.