Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bratty Me and Guy Drama

Yesterday I was feeling like such a brat. I'm not sure if it's the hormones, or the natural cuddly me that I was seeking for some major spoiling. On a normal day, I am the most rational and practical person. On a brat day, however, there are no other reasons for me but "because I said so." 

We were scheduled to have pares dinner yesterday, but something came up so the beer bud took me out for lunch instead. Over lunch, I really wasn't buying any of his jokes and was staring at him like he's dead meat. Out of nowhere I said, "Bili mo kong Ray-Ban?" (Can you buy me a Ray-Ban?) He almost bought it, except for the condition that we had to go right then to the mall--tricky because I still have work. LOL. Before I headed back, he gave me chocolates, my 'happy hormones' food. And because of the chocolates, I've changed my mind about the Ray-Bans. I want a MacBook Pro instead. :)


Back at my desk and halfway through the Snickers bar, I still wasn't feeling any happier. This mood swing. Darn it. Of all the times that he could, the ex chose the brat day for drama. Tsktsk. Not a good thing to do. I already told him "It's a brat day." But still went on and on with his drama. BBM just got flooded; soon enough exclamation points were overflowing from my end. 

Since when had guys been into drama? There's this guy who's been meaning to take me out but it just so happened that he can't keep up with my schedule. No, I will not block off my calendar for an indefinite night. No, I will not adjust to your schedule. And no, I will not make it easier for you by getting nearer your proximity. It goes to say, if there's a will, there's a way. Lately all I want is a "Yes" or a "No." No buts, no ifs, no because/s. 

You see, I just don't need any drama right now. I have myself to look after, I am in no position to think about other people's problems, feelings and welfare right now. If you're not contented with your life, it's your problem. If you're not happy, then I really don't care. Do you feel like a loser? Maybe you are. Are your brilliant plans backfiring on you? I told you not to mess with me; not so brilliant, eh? You think you can get away with it? I'll leave it to karma. Trying to hurt me, make me feel guilty? I'm apathetic, you don't matter. 

I hate to break it to you, but not everything is about you.


Niko Batallones said...

I finally remember what I was going to comment, and it all boils down to two things.

One, men are allowed to have drama, the same way women do. Yes, unfortunately, there is the impression that we should all suck it up and stay strong for the ladies who aim to look vulnerable at every turn. But we all have our breaking point, eventually. Sure, guy made a mistake by telling you (mag-ex na nga kayo, tapos he expects you to be there for this?) but suggesting that we can't have feelings is just wrong.

Two, I hate to break it to you too, but not everything is about you too.

And then I reread your entry and realized that you're saying this to the guy. And I was thinking from another person's perspective. "Grabe naman si Katia." I totally get the need to look after yourself -- it can't be about giving and giving and giving all the time -- but my usual line is to strike a compromise. Tapos ka na, ako naman ngayon. That would've been a better way to put it.

But then again, mindset of the day, I can't budge that.

I guess I felt so much about this because I myself am going through "guy drama". But I won't write about it here because (1) you won't like me doing so and (2) there's so much ground -- two years' worth -- to cover.

So there. My comment. Monologue.

Katia said...

Haha! Now it's there :) Had to tweet you to give you a shot in the arm? LOL.

One, never said you can't have feelings.
Two, of course.

Monologues, as always :) Thanks Niko. Hope you get through your guy drama soon. I don't know, it's just not cool. Especially if you've been dragging this for so long?

Hope ya feel better soon.

And btw, I am getting a RayBan. The brat won. :)

Niko Batallones said...

My original comment was very bratty; it was your shot in the arm and me rephrasing it.

I hope I see those Ray-bans soon. :D

itssheee said...

hello! been reading your blog for quite a while now, before pa when you were an FA lol! i used to be an aspiring fa kasi ;p just dropped by to say hi!

Katia said...

Hi She! Nice for you to drop by and leave a comment. Visit your blog soon :)