Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing Whoever

As much fun as it may seem, I do not play with anyone's feelings. I do not toy with them; I do not lead them on. Most of the time, I'm just being myself, enjoying another person's company. I am very clear about not being ready for anything, and that I am not looking for a 'someone.' 

I don't get it why some guys over analyze, or give meanings to everything. Let's turn the tables around: if a guy tells me, "I'm not ready for a relationship," I may get hurt by this and either walk away or stay. I would not demand for anything more, albeit what I'd probably want to happen. What I'll do? I'll wait. 

I also don't get the point of pressuring me to just take you and be your girlfriend even if I'm not ready for one. Won't that just equate to some fucked up relationship? Again, it's always been clear, I don't want anything else but to just hang out and have fun. There is no room for drama, no room for me to think of anybody else's feelings/disposition. 

So yeah, the last thing I'd like is someone asking me if I'm just 'playing' whoever, because I'm not. I never did, never tried, never even thought of it. To set things straight, I'm not even dating. I go out with friends, yes.  They may be guys, but I'm not after a boyfriend.


Niko Batallones said...

I still don't understand what's fun about playing with... these things.

Katia said...

It's fun for some, y'know. Attention, ego boost, freeloading, whatevers.

And oh, someone to pick you up, maybe?

itssheee said...

i feel ya! this post reminded me of myself back in college. oh well enjoy being single :)

Niko Batallones said...

Shame. I liked her. I really did.