Monday, July 30, 2012

My Full Week

Social life. My friend Mina used to tease that I didn't have one. I had no idea how to go about it, but I learned---and continue to learn. I understand that socializing is not only over drinking. But it does relax people and get them talking. It was a very busy week for my social calendar...

Dinner with Joey + a couple of drinks over business talks. A little later, I arrive at my second home--Rue Bourbon--where my beer bud is waiting with shots. On this day, I also got my car back, but I'm sleepy and wasted so I didn't bring it home.

Surprisingly, one of the GMs and an officemate said yes to having a drink, so Chicken & Beer it was. We were literally having, chicken and beer. Afterwards, Joey picked me up and then we had dinner at Army Navy nearby. Rain was on and off, and we walked my way through soberness so I can take my car home. And GOSH I so missed my car. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed driving my car. By 11p.m. the beer bud was thinking I was still in Fort; we ended up having drinks at my pad. 

This one is one for the books. I met with Mina and Dan to dine out with Sara, their Chinese expat. Had dinner at Cafe Juanita in Burgos Circle and made Sara try Kare-Kare, Adobo and something else. She doesn't drink so it's left to us three. As we passed by Distillery, we saw some Ericsson friends so we stayed for a bottle of Stella Artois. Mina was unfortunately tired from dragonboat training so she headed home. For reasons known to me and Dan, it was a bad day--so it's time to try something new to perk us up. We head 'home' to Rue, and go international. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here goes:

Hoegaarden, Tiger, Beck's, Leffe, Kwak and Paulaner

Dinner at Just Thai with Rea--my travel agent--and Lori the CFO's assistant. Beer bud tagged along. After dinner, Lori heads home and the three of us were supposed to hangout at Rue, but ended up at Chicken & Beer with Ericsson peeps. There were I think about ten guys and then there was only Rea and I. The ultimate socialization test was when they separated the two of us to chat with two different groups. But I must say, I did okay. :) Afterwards, we hanged out at Rue again; had Rea try the ultimate 'Gunpowder.' (Search for it on YouTube.) It's also so refreshing to introduce her to my current favorite beer, Hoegaarden

GM and some officemates treated for a couple of beers. Afterwards, I met some of their friends and hanged out at Basty's. This place happens to be on the ground floor of my building, but have never been to, so it's great to experience it. By 10:30pm, my dinner date has finally reached the Fort and picked me up from Net Quad. Dinner, then home. 

I was supposed to meet my Sitel trainer Jyl for dinner, but the plan got cancelled as she had a doctor's appointment. Not a problem with me, it was raining and it's a weekend, what other better way but to be lazy? At 6pm my youngest brother calls me and declares he's coming over--from Navotas. Sensing urgency and problem/s, I said yes to meeting him at Megamall. Phoned my mom right after and true enough, it was a warzone at home. We had dinner at Secret Recipe; and though he didn't share much, I'm still glad he phone his Ate more than anybody else. I knew I was going out that night to party, but I offered my place to my bro if he needed a place to stay. However, he's set on watching the The Dark Knight Rises alone so off I go. Yes, family is always a priority. 

I was in my strike-anywhere-anyplace clothes as I didn't know where we're going. Weekends are usually spent from one bar to another, depending on music, crowd and what-not. The beer bud and I meet--where else--at my 'second home,' the only place I'll be comfortable walking in and waiting on my own. I think we went to 5 different bars (bar hopping!?) plus an early morning breakfast before we headed home. It was already before 5 a.m., and Milo 42K-ers were already sprinting Buendia.

We were freakin' tired from Saturday night that we woke up at past noon. Hungry, we had a full lunch at the House of Minis, which is a stone's throw away from my place. I imagined my day to be quiet--not boring--so I set off to do my laundry and went back to reading Fifty Shades Darker on my iPhone. Out of the blue a friend invites me to go with to 7p.m. Instant road trip!


itssheee said...

whoah that was one full week! good for you! :) i'm envious! miss the days when we could go out even on weekends! now it's all work! and ang mahal ng gimik dito :|

Katia said...

Hey She! Haha. This was so not me two months ago, but hey, better late than never :)

It's fun, just living it day by day. Balita ko nga mahal gumimik dyan :( Where do you guys go, even?

itssheee said...

ktv or inom sa bahay or powerhouse, but seldom! madalas inom sa bahay :)