Friday, April 28, 2006


I just got home. Early afternoon I left for an initial interview for Thai Airways, an opening for the position of Junior Reservations Officer which I was informed about through my friend Lyka. The place and the building was new to me, lucky I arrived there after following Lyka's directions. Nothing much.

That was early afternoon, and to kill time so that I'd be at PeopleSupport by 10pm, I went to Greenbelt and watched a movie all by myself. I chose The Wild. I think I laughed harder than the kids. Hahaha.

I did the whole exit clearance thing in just one day. Cool. Well actually it did something for me, psychologically. It gave me a closure on this first job. I actually thought about which companies I'd be searching on the net so that I'd be able to submit my resume online. Hehehe. Now I'm really looking for a job!

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