Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Electronics Haven

Today's a holiday. Independence day. Independence from Japan. Yey no classes/training today! So me and Precious went to Yongsan (a subway station) together with Mon-Mon who came along on the last minute. By the way, the stations aren't like the MRT/LRT stations that we have back home. Anyway, this particular station looked like a drop-off station at an airport. Anyway as you near the exit (by going up the escalator, coz you're underground maaaan!) it looked like a piece of The Terminal. And further along, the haven. An electronics haven.

It's like any model and any brand is available. I started looking for an iRiver earphones to replace my old one. Got it. 15k won. As I've nothing more to do but wait for Mon-Mon (or Monica) to finish up the deal with a Fuji digicam and Precious with the webcam set, I hopped from stall to stall to find an iRiver N12. Unfortunately, almost everyone ran out of stock. Coz it's a holiday, everyone has the time to buy their own N12s. Geez. Anyway, one stall happened to be showing me one. Unfortunately, I can't get myself to buy it. He's saying it's an N12 but at the back it says N10 (they look alike, by the way), and that it's 1GB when at the back it's 256MB. I can't, I can't, I can't. Anyway he gave me something else.

I bought the Iops Z5 after so much blah, for 130k won. For my kuya on his birthday. Yipee!

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