Sunday, August 06, 2006

Helluva week

It's one hell of a week. It's, as you know if you've been reading this blog often, the first week of Safety and Compliance' three-week training. We've finished about seven subjects already, out of the eighteen. And of course, the tests. Eight exams within five days! C'mon!

Anyway, so glad I passed all eight. (If you get below 80%, you're considered failed. You need to have a retake and get 90%. Otherwise, you go back to Manila.) Whew! Physically and mentally draining. We hardly sleep. Kasi naman ang daming inaaral. May pre-study na tas magsstudy pa for the tests.

And of course, there was this Unplanned Evacuation drill test last Friday, which was super physically challenging (after which you still have yet another mentally incapacitating test for another subject). You're given a certain situation (most likely a type of aircraft crash), to which in less than a second you should start your reaction. That's shouting the commands so that passengers would know what to do. Damn, they were in Korean and then you also have to translate them to English. Then assessing everything. Then evacuation--the very heavy doors, supposedly needs to be opened in 3 seconds. And sometime everything's not supposed to go smoothly. Obstacles like a jammed door or whatever.

"No time to think, just react." They tell us.

Oh, and everything that comes out of your mouth should be more than 110 decibels. Sore throat.

+ + +

To celebrate and prepare for the next week, me and my roommate Precious together with Bianca and Jila went to Home Plus (a supermarket) later that night to purchase our groceries for the next week. (Some celebration huh?) And then took home Lotteria food for dinner.

Precious downloaded Limewire but we don't have speakers so we transferred the songs to here Moto and played them on speaker mode. The very first song we played was I Wouldn't Be Here If I Didn't Love You. Hee hee.

Post dinner I did my laundry, my first time since I got here. So I pretty much had a lot to wash. Though I was super tired after, I still went online and went to bed by 3AM.

+ + +

I woke up and practically did nothing today. I swore I'd make Saturdays free from anything training-related. But because I had nothing to do, I started making 'reviewers' for my Monday exam so that I'd be able to bring them tomorrow on the way to church.

After the supposed boyfriend time I soaked in a hot tub to ease my very painful muscles (ng dahil sa Evacuation!) and sang along my mp3 player while my roommate's on the pc talking with her bf, using the headset Karen lent her. An hour after, I'm done and lazily lounging around so I tried to watch tv. I'm on super unwind mode.

Unfortunately in the middle of Sex and the City, the tv just switched off by itself. I can't switch it back on so I thought the remote control was out of battery and even borrowed one from Mara's room. No avail. I called up front desk to have them check on it (at midnight! I'm merciless?!) but still to no avail. Geez. Minsan nalang magbubukas ng tv.

So I'm here in front of this flat screen monitor and using YouTube as radio.

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