Friday, August 25, 2006

Halfway through

Today was SLE [Supervised Line Experience] flight. It's sort of observation flight as application of all things we've learned from the start (safety and security related). And then afterwards you have an oral test with the instructor. To simply put it, it's like the finals of a semester, the difference is, it's just one test. Nineteen subjects, three and a half weeks and 20 written and drill tests put into one. Books, manual, handouts... Name it.

I pretty much didn't sleep last night and it was the only time that I really studied. (Like really studied.) Then woke up early to enough to get the lounge attendant surprised why someone went down for breakfast so early.

Anyway, my SLE mates (Leona and Anne) took the 8301 flight to Daegu. Domestic destination which just takes around 35 minutes from takeoff to landing. So much turbulence got me a bit dizzy and found it hard to focus on what we had to observe and all.

Oral test came and went and then it was time to eat the Etang Pizza that Ms Lee bought for us! I'm almost singing, "Celebrate good times, c'mon!"

Though we've started Service classes since Tuesday, it's only now that I can really say I'm halfway through the training. Can't wait for the September 8 (to 11) day off in Manila!

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