Sunday, August 27, 2006

Giggling in the rain

I just got back after trying to find something from a not-very-nearby grocery store. It was raining when I stepped out of the store so I pondered whether I should dash through the rain or wait til it stops. But it was so long ago since I walked in the rain. For some reason, for so long I wanted to feel like a kid again and enjoy getting soaked.

You see, when I got pre-adolescent I wanted to go "singing in the rain". But then I'll remember that my mobile phone's in my pocket or my bag would get wet and so on. Storing them some place before stepping out would ruin the moment.

But today I was just in jeans, a pink tank top, a big silver necklace (I don't care) and only a few bills are inside my pocket, so what the hey! I stepped out and traced my way back to the hotel, giggling as I cutely refused umbrella offers and bewilder some people who ran for cover in fear that maybe their Manolos will get wet or something.

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