Saturday, July 22, 2006


Whew! After so much drama I'm now on the climax of "fulfilling my dreams." For some it's already the happy ending, but the truth is, it's not. (Am I making sense?)

Okay so I got the flight attendant job (or the training) for Asiana. We had our pre-departure orientation Friday afternoon and the shock was unbelievable. We're leaving on Sunday afternoon! Gawd. That leaves me, what, one day to buy everything, plan everything and pack everything. Most of my colleagues have their suitcases packed already while my jaw dropped at the thought that I don't even have a suitcase yet! Talk about cramming. And panic buying.

Sadly, I had to back out from our supposed reunion with my college friends--makikifiesta dapat kami sa Kawit. And inasmuch as I wanted time for the thought of leaving in a matter of 48 hours to sink in, I don't have time. Instant shopping at Megamall. Of course that's after office hours already so I wasn't really able to shop. And I was wearing heels for goodness sake! I never go on a shopping spree with heels on, always in rubber shoes.

Well, that panic shopping would continue tomorrow. But for now, I'm done with informing all my friends. I got mixed reactions, really.

Sadness. Coz I'm leaving so soon, nary a time for goodbyes nor even a despedida party for tomorrow will be spent packing and family time.

Happiness. Thank you to all the people who were so happy that I'm fulfilling my dreams at a very early stage.

Pride. Especially from my blockmates, I guess I made them feel proud that we finally (or so I think) have a flight attendant from our section. And it's really a tough industry, [me and my classmates] know that.

Comic reactions. Princess wanted me to kiss Rain if ever I see him. Sir Kiel wants to say hi to Lee Dong Wok (Julian in My Girl). Sarie for Jenny of Endless Love. And who votes for Jodi and Cholo? Haha. Koreanovela invasion!

I'm overwhelmed, really. And Niko even made that post about me leaving. And the bestest e-friend actually feeling sad about this. Aw.

I want to thank all of you. But most importantly, God. I've been praying like crazy. And bribing God. (Take that!) I promised God that my first 100,000 pesos salary would go to Maverick, my second cousin who was diagnosed of Leukemia a week ago. He's twelve.

If I'm leaving some people clueless, I'm leaving for Seoul on Sunday for the nine-week intensive training. I'd surely try to make time for my online activities. To all of those who have my mobile phone number, please don't delete it. I'll try to use it again once I get back. For the meantime, you may reach me thru my email address(es) and Friendster account.

Hope I could rename this blog Flight Attendant Diaries after that nine weeks. *fingers crossed*

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