Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Better Agents

Booked and confirmed! Tickets to Dumaguete for my parents on November. Hehe. Mom was able to book themselves with the CebPac promo of less than three hundred pesos one way per person (plus tax). Now they just have to find a good hotel/inn/resort to stay at in Dumaguete...

+ + +

Monday I was with cousins at lola's house to [kiddie] celebrate ate Chelsea's 25th birthday. We had tapsilog, barbecue, cake with the sugar flowers, balloons, Hello Kitty placemats and paper plates that say "Happy Birthday" in the most colorful way. Haha. Too bad I had to run off around 10 that I didn't see my cousins Ella and dete Jan.

That's because I met up with Cha in Makati and hanged. We also waited for Mica (with whom I'm indebted and paid that night); we were supposed to be at Greenbelt but then she was at PeopleSupport already so I suggested we stay there since the Starbucks branch there closes latest, for sure.

With Cha being an ex-call center agent herself, we figured we'd be better agents now in terms of small talks with clients. I mean, hey you actually know some places in the States and been to some too. And you wouldn't have the blunder of saying, "So, it's warm out there right now coz it's summer," to someone wearing a jacket in San Francisco... :)

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