Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spending Normal Days Together

Back from my October SanFo layover. No fancy restaurants, no tourist spots, no big dates, nothing. We spent my layover like I'm from there. Errands, watched DVDs, a bit of mall time, preparing your own breakfast and stuff.

28th (Arrival Day) Surprise! No girl hates surprises. aL picked me up with a grande Starbucks drink on one hand and my white Keds (that we bought last month) on the other--got speechless after finding a jewelry box inside the shoe. --Skipped the details!-- A white gold name necklace! I love it! :) (Still too lazy to upload photos though, hehe)

The story behind this necklace made me say, "A for effort, Hun!"

Then we went to have late lunch with Mama at Red Ribbon, then off to church to hear mass. He prolly was hella bored, haha. Went home to drop off my things and freshen up then headed for aL's boss' going away party. Met his coworkers at Kragen--lotsa names! *sheepish smile* On the way home we detoured to a grocery to get a loaf of bread and cream cheese then called it a day with another Starbucks fix. Oh, we tried watching Shutter before we slept...but we fell asleep halfway through it, I was dang so sleepy.

29th. Woke up late, 10-ish or 11? He had to peel me off the bed just to get me to have breakfast(I had no plans of getting up, my eyes were shut tight!) of coffee--which is his job to prepare--and toast wheat bread with cream cheese and ham. Re-watched Shutter but I'm on my senses now so I remembered I hate scary movies, so I just laid on the couch while he watched the movie. Left the house by 4pm to run some of his work-related errands and ended up at Serramonte coz I was craving for McNuggets; malling. Paid our T-Mo bill and bought a few stuff at PacSun and Bath and Body Works. Marco and Oyo came by to get Marco's tripod; then Mama came and we left to grab dinner at a Filipino resto. Brought some food to aL's dad in downtown SF and then headed back home to Daly City, after detouring to Walgreens to get some stuff, another Starbucks Cafe Mocha, and rented a couple of DVDs. Was halfway watching Knocked Up when Mark called and aL and him talked til I got sleepy. Decided not to finish the movie and just go sleep; he fell asleep and I was there, so sleepy but jetlagged, still awake by 6am.

30th (Departure Day) Having slept at 6am with an alarm clock set to 7:30, we got up by 8:30. Quick breakfast and bath and off we head back to my hotel just in time for the wakeup call (which is an hour before work showup time).

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