Sunday, October 14, 2007

The search for the Travel Partner

My parents have redecided and they're not going international next month. They reckoned that the once-every-contract-year free-of-charge roundtrip tickets should just be used when they go to the States next July. And today I've been to a hundred sites for places here in the Philippines. Two of the most thought of? Dumaguete and Roxas City. I don't know. I just heard of Dumaguete coz aL's maternal relatives are there.

+ + +

Lolo worsened this week. He could hardly walk and is incontinent. I visited him yesterday and he hardly had facial expressions. He's blank. I was so saddened that I went home. I can't do this.

+ + +

I've decided to go on domestic trips every now and then, starting next year. Because of all the hunt for the perfect silver wedding anniversary honeymoon destination, I got all excited with the idea. I mean, there's almost always those promos on CebPac so airfare is cheap. Weeee. I just need a travel partner and I'm set. I can't do it every month so probably I'll do it every other month. Goodie. Or maybe I can have a different travel partner every time?

+ + +

I am: depressed; bored; impatient; and I miss aL. I'm trying to stop thinking too much and resorted to a Gilmore Girls DVD marathon. I've just finished season five with Lorelai saying, "Luke, will you marry me?"

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