Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ranting for Home

Gusto ko na magresign.

I have repeated this sentence for more than ten times by now. The unbelievable seniority and unruly Korean culture is already a given factor, but now living out of a suitcase is taking its toll on me... I mean, yes I expected to live out of suitcases when I go on layovers, but hey I never knew I'd always be. For those who don't know, we check in/out everytime we come/go from/for a flight. Had to drag our big suitcases to and from our hotel room.

Home. I don't even know where that is; I don't even have a place to call home! Manila feels like an extended layover now; I even bring clothes from Seoul to Manila to have something to wear while on days off! I am such a homebody; I'm still struggling on living away from my family, but can't I at least have a permanent room?

Permanent things on permanent locations contribute on the homey feeling. But no! I get a different room every time. A twin, a single, a king, a queen. Whatever! I can't even stock my fridge with food nor arrive from a flight to find an ice-cold soda inside it. I spend probably an hour after arrival and before I go just to fix my things, rearrange my toiletries by the sink, or make sure all my things fit in my suitcases, etc.

I miss things from home, too. How on earth could I improvise my own Christmas tree? My dad gave me a cute night light but I can't put it somewhere for fear I might forget it and have the room attendants yell, "Finders keepers!"

Therefore, gusto ko na magresign.

...But yea, Hun, I know I can't. Yet.

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