Monday, October 08, 2007

Standout Dugyot in the Office

At 6:47 a.m., I'm here at the office. Nothing unusual, right? Well, I'm NOT actually going to a flight, rather, I just came from a flight. I just came back from Hong Kong and since it's the only working day that I have before I go home tomorrow I decided to go straight here and just go back to the hotel a little later. So there, most people here are fresh and just made up while I'm so dugyot and oily. Haha. My reasons for being here:

1. I checked on passenger bookings of London, Sydney and Manila-Seoul flights for the possible destinations of my parents on November. The verdict? Cancel Sydney, way overbooked. Peak season, summer.

2. I've been convinced, with aL's effort, to have a flu shot. Winter is neaaaaaar...

3. Also, I've been meaning to drop by the medical center to have proper treatment to a 1in x 0.5in oven burn that I got from my Seattle flight. It blistered and now it's an open wound and it gets me jumping up and down when in contact with anything--even water.

4. Gotta get new shoes and scarf for the quarterly appearance check.

5. I've been with this company for a year but still hasn't used my ID for my meal (swipe system) coz the effin' ID person is always not around.

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